Treadmill  Best  Buys

so many brands, so many models... After looking at and comparing treadmill brands and models, we've narrowed treadmills down to five BEST BUYs:

AFG  7.1  at  treadmill

  • best buy: treadmill
    best buy: Under $2500

    The AFG 7.1 gets a double best buy this year. Not just the award for most reliable  treadmill but also for the best buy under $2500.

  • horizon  t203  treadmill

  • best buy: under $1100 treadmill

    Horizon did great with this model, an extremely affordable treadmill packed with features. Nothing even comes close in this price range..

  • bh  t8  pro  treadmill

  • best buy: under $3000 treadmill

    Watch out precor, life fitness and true! in this price point there is no doubt the BH T8 Pro deserves the best buy. pound for pound it will beat any competition in its price range.

  • bh  t10  +  treadmill

  • best buy: under $6000 treadmill

    Looking for a commercial treadmill for home use but don't want to spend $10,000.00. the T10+ is your solution, this thing is a tank if you are looking to do allot of running!

  • frequency  runfit  99  treadmill

  • best buy: commercial treadmill

    for a school, hospital, gym or studio. the Frequency Fitness Runfit treadmill is the perfect treadmill for you. Full commercial unit sturdier then a hummer.